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Inpatient Rehabilitation for Patients with Stroke.

Is Tulsa Rehabilitation Hospital for You? 

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Admission for Patients with Stroke:

We care for and treat stroke survivors in need of extensive rehabilitation when the stroke, also known as a cardiovascular accident (CVA), has caused a significant decrease in the patient's ability to function day-to-day.


Tulsa Rehabilitation Hospital can help:

  • Patients with a primary diagnosis of stroke, subarachnoid or intracerebral hemorrhage, or similar diagnoses demonstrating residual weakness, spasticity, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing foods or liquids with lack of coordination of movements).


  • Patients affected by COVID-19 who, as a result, may have also had a stroke requiring a combination of stroke and cardiopulmonary rehab to regain strength and body function.


To learn more about our comprehensive rehabilitation services at
Tulsa Rehabilitation Hospital, read on. 

Stroke Rehabilitation Services


Tulsa Rehabilitation Hospital offers patients and their families high-quality stroke rehabilitation care in our beautiful, and comfortable state-of-the-art hospital.


Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital is specifically designed to meet the needs of our stroke patients, families and caregivers, providing rehabilitation and recovery services that offer a holistic, integrated, and comprehensive approach to acute, intensive inpatient stroke rehabilitation. 

With a focus on addressing your physical, cognitive, psychological, social, educational, and work-related needs, our specialized team of stroke rehabilitation experts work together daily, sharing their expertise to create a comprehensive, well-rounded individualized stroke program just for you. Your medical / therapy treatment team has been specifically trained in stroke rehabilitation and the use of specialized therapeutic modalities designed to get you moving and functioning to the best of your ability. 


For a Stroke patient, getting back to living may be as simple as regaining the ability to drive to work, relearn how to say words, get showered and dressed, and socialize with friends and loved ones.


Our treatment team uses an interdisciplinary treatment team approach, implementing interventions from Speech Therapists such as speech exercises and cognitive therapy, Physical Therapists focusing on mobility, strength, coordination, and balance, and Occupational Therapists who address activities of daily living, fine motor skills and upper extremity range of motion among other things.


These therapy services will use techniques to help memory, concentration and movement of your body to be able to carry out tasks at home, at work and in everyday community life as independently as possible.

Each one of our stroke survivors comes to us with unique physical, cognitive, psychological, social, and work-related levels of functioning. And each of these patients receives an individualized stroke rehab program specifically designed to address their individual needs. The type of therapy, the intensity of therapy, and the use of specialized therapy equipment are all based upon our assessment of your current levels of functioning, your specific needs, and the established short, and long-term goals for recovery.

Because we treat the individual, we focus on your specific anticipated outcomes and track your needs, goals, objectives, interventions and outcomes with consideration of age, severity of impairments and chronic health conditions which may impact your progress towards your goals of independence. Our team works with you and your support system daily to meet those goals and achieve maximum results.

Let’s work together to get you back home where you belong.

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