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Patient Spotlight: Recovering from Spinal Cord Injury with Determination and Heart

Updated: May 3

In December 2023, Matthew, 45, was involved in a serious car accident. He suffered a complete spinal cord injury, which caused him to become paraplegic, and spent a week in the hospital. After discharge from the hospital, Matthew arrived at Tulsa Rehabilitation Hospital to begin the hard work of rehabilitating from his injuries. 


Matthew has been totally committed to his intensive spinal cord rehabilitation. During his hours of physical therapy, he has been regaining his ability to stand while keeping a positive attitude. In Matthew’s words, “These last few weeks and the things I've done are a testament to the power of God! He is the only reason that someone with a ‘complete spinal injury,’ would be able to do this! I will be walking again when others said it was not possible. With God, all things are possible!”


Matthew was discharged in mid-January to continue his recovery at home. The team at Tulsa Rehab Hospital is immensely proud of the progress Matthew has made, and we wish him the best in his continued recovery.


Read more about Tulsa Rehab Hospital’s spinal cord rehab services here.

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